A c++ sparse block matrix library aimed at Second Order cone problems
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bogus::NarySum< Expression > Struct Template Reference

Sum of n similar expressions. More...

#include <DynamicExpressions.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for bogus::NarySum< Expression >:
bogus::BlockObjectBase< NarySum< Expression > >

Public Types

typedef BlockObjectBase
< NarySum< Expression > > 
typedef BlockMatrixTraits
< NarySum< Expression > > 
typedef Traits::Index Index
typedef Base::Scalar Scalar
typedef std::list< Scaling
< Expression > > 
typedef Traits::TransposeObjectType TransposeObjectType
typedef Traits::PlainObjectType PlainObjectType

Public Member Functions

 NarySum (const Index rows, const Index cols)
 NarySum (const Expression &expr)
 NarySum (const Scaling< Expression > &expr)
NarySumoperator+= (const Scaling< Expression > &expr)
NarySumoperator-= (const Scaling< Expression > &expr)
NarySumoperator+= (const Expression &expr)
NarySumoperator-= (const Expression &expr)
NarySumoperator+= (const NarySum< Expression > &other)
NarySumoperator-= (const NarySum< Expression > &other)
Base::ConstTransposeReturnType transpose () const
template<bool DoTranspose, typename RhsT , typename ResT >
void multiply (const RhsT &rhs, ResT &res, Scalar alpha=1, Scalar beta=0) const
bool empty () const
Index rows () const
Index cols () const
Index rowsOfBlocks () const
Index colsOfBlocks () const
Index blockRows (Index row) const
Index blockCols (Index col) const
const Index * rowOffsets () const
const Index * colOffsets () const
const NarySum< Expression > & derived () const
 Returns a const reference to the implementation.
NarySum< Expression > & derived ()
 Returns a reference to the implementation.
Index rowOffset (Index row) const
 Returns an array containing the first index of a given row.
Index colOffset (Index col) const
 Returns an array containing the first index of a given columns.

Public Attributes

Sum members

Detailed Description

template<typename Expression>
struct bogus::NarySum< Expression >

Sum of n similar expressions.

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