A c++ sparse block matrix library aimed at Second Order cone problems
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bogus::Product< LhsMatrixT, RhsMatrixT > Struct Template Reference
Inheritance diagram for bogus::Product< LhsMatrixT, RhsMatrixT >:
bogus::BinaryBlockOp< Product, LhsMatrixT, RhsMatrixT > bogus::BlockObjectBase< Product< LhsMatrixT, RhsMatrixT > >

Public Types

typedef BinaryBlockOp
< bogus::Product, LhsMatrixT,
RhsMatrixT > 
typedef Base::Scalar Scalar
typedef Base::Index Index
typedef Base::PlainObjectType PlainObjectType
typedef BlockOperand< LhsMatrixT > Lhs
typedef BlockOperand< RhsMatrixT > Rhs
typedef Lhs::PlainObjectType PlainLhsMatrixType
typedef Rhs::PlainObjectType PlainRhsMatrixType
typedef BlockMatrixTraits
< Product< LhsMatrixT,
RhsMatrixT > > 
typedef Traits::TransposeObjectType TransposeObjectType

Public Member Functions

 Product (const LhsMatrixT &l, const RhsMatrixT &r, typename Base::Lhs::Scalar lscaling=1, typename Base::Lhs::Scalar rscaling=1)
Base::ConstTransposeReturnType transpose () const
template<bool DoTranspose, typename RhsT , typename ResT >
void multiply (const RhsT &rhs, ResT &res, Scalar alpha=1, Scalar beta=0) const
Index rows () const
Index cols () const
Index rowsOfBlocks () const
Index colsOfBlocks () const
Index blockRows (Index row) const
Index blockCols (Index col) const
const Index * rowOffsets () const
const Index * colOffsets () const
const Product< LhsMatrixT,
RhsMatrixT > & 
derived () const
 Returns a const reference to the implementation.
Product< LhsMatrixT, RhsMatrixT > & derived ()
 Returns a reference to the implementation.
Index rowOffset (Index row) const
 Returns an array containing the first index of a given row.
Index colOffset (Index col) const
 Returns an array containing the first index of a given columns.

Public Attributes

const Lhs lhs
const Rhs rhs

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